I’m a graphic designer constantly looking to push boundaries and apply my passion for art and design to create meaningful pieces of work. 

My Work


Stag & Doe - Brand design

Stag & Doe is a personal project of mine. A good scotch and a roaring fire with some good tunes playing in the background is my idea of a perfect evening. I wanted to create a brand that could appeal to both male and female drinkers alike and that's where Stag & Doe comes in.

REEF - Brand design

Reef is a brand of CBD infused flavoured water with sustainable packaging. take out your surf boards and chill on the beach with one of reefs many flavours, Lets make waves!

My house tattoos -
Brand design

Being able to stand out from the rest in a competitive market is key, having a clever name with a strong logo was important. 

The logo had to be approachable to a wide audience , the goal was to break out of the social norms associated with tattooing.

A more modern approach with a earthy pallet helped bring this logo together.

Market Craft Distillery - Brand design

Market craft distillery is a branch from market craft brewery. 

The logo is designed in a vintage style and is held together with a circle shape giving it a unified look.

Market craft distillery came out with 3 different alcohol lines Single barrel Canadian whiskey "Psychedelic Funk" All Natural Vodka " Rainbow Fantasy" and Organic Gin " Glowstick Fountain".

Each label is designed around a neon theme but also relating to the clever names.

The bottles also followed this neon theme with a 90s flare in the pattern. the bottles are made to look like a neon glow on a matte black finish, the smooth to touch feel of this bottle is sure to set it apart on the shelf.

DEBAFFLE - Magazine design

DEBAFFLE was designed with the theme of the modern man in mind, elements like motor vehicles, manly cocktails and sports were included to keep men of all interests engaged in the magazine. The cover is hand drawn to create a more dynamic and personalized feel. 


A consistent theme was shown through out the magazine, wire frame out lines with big attention grabbing headers.